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          Job Position:  Territory Sales Manager


          Gainscha have been specialized in Receipt, Barcode printer research and development , and also stay collaborations in global markets. We welcome global team member to join our family.


          Position Brief Introduction:


          1. Business plan and implement for entire European territory

          2. Identify key partners in allocated business country/zone

          3. Partners analyse to establish Distribution channels

          4. Achieve projects and implement with headquarter back-support team

          5. Maintain distributors and communicate with headquarter organization


          Qualification & Experience:


          1. Bachelor’s degree in marketing, international trade related subjects.

          2. English writing and speaking, skilled in Excel/Powerpoint/Word

          3. 5 years or above experience and knowledge in AIDC industrial segments

          4. Strong understanding-communication, negotiation in flexible capacities

          5. Atitude of occupation value, with challenging ambition


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